Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014


Keep on going!

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Merry Christmas and happy 2013!

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Web fixed!

Our hosting company fixed the issue with the web, so you can acces to all the content again!

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We also know that the ARG is down right now, but that’s because we are focused with the script of the game itself so we don’t write any content for the ARG right now. That will change soon : )

But we’ve got algo good news!

The game is amazing, and we are making good progress! Now the 100% of the puzzles are done (27 levels in total), and we are focusing in the script. And yes, the final boss is amazing!

Here is a screenshot of the progress of the first level.


Second video podcast uploaded

Coming soon more concept art and a topic to talk about beta-testing.

Contributors, you all should have recieved the username and password.

Some users were experiencing problems with the username and password (they didn’t recieve the e-mail with them). Don’t wait to recieve the e-mail. If you haven’t recieved the e-mail yet something is wrong.

Please if you’re not on the forums yet or you have problems entering in your selected Perks, please e-mail us at

First video podcast uploaded!

We have uploaded the first video podcast. We talk about level design, the web, concept art, and the crowdfunding! You can find it in the community Perk!

Welcome to Coma

What is Coma: a mind adventure?

In Coma, the main character (you, the player) is in a deep coma after a terrible accident, and the scenarios, humans and entities you encounter are a representation of the feelings of the character; everything in Coma happens in his head. He did something terrible in the past (many years ago) and to get out of the coma he will have to forgive himself by finally accepting who he is and what he did.

The player has the ability to change the climate and the weather, and to solve the puzzles you will have to use that! You are the one who decides if it’s nightime, daytime, ifit  rains, if the skies are clear, if there is a terrible fog, and in any one of these states the environment changes radically. There are zones in the environment (the environment is the puzzle) that are sensible to the player and certain objects, and the player must use the characteristics of each macro climatic state to combine them and solve the puzzles.